What’s in your suitcase, Jan Kühnemund?

(As professional migrants, we pack a lot of suitcases. But what’s the one item that you always take with you, wherever you go? That’s the question we ask our lecturers in this series.)

Pt.6 Jan Kühnemund

I love noise, in fact I need it. Anywhere, any time. At work, at home, on the bike, in the car – and even more when I travel. As I’m not pleased with just any noise I use to take along my own. The security personnel at airports always seems to be a bit worried about the sheer number of technincal devices in my suitcase: music players of different size, portable hard discs, numerous cables and chargers, and – by far most important – tremendous head phones [and, well, you know, one is not enough as it might go west…]

In my dreams I own a portable record player (record as in vinyl record, i.e. real record). I would have to do without a second set of cloths to bring at least some of my favourite records… Well.

Jan Kühnemund, MA, is Academic Assistant in the Working Group “Migration – Gender – Politics” at the Cultural Studies Department since 2008 and has been involved in the design and implementation of EMMIR. He is also a very talented DJ. 

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