On Deadlines ..

Graph 1.1 – Submission Times of Reflection Papers for Module MM12

A little graph representing the times when the reflection papers for module MM12 were sent in on Tuesday, 11 October 2011 or Wednesday, 12 October.

The submissions were grouped into 30 minute time slots (19:00-19:30,19:31-20:00, …) and the red line connects the individual data points.

The median (i.e. the data point separating the higher from the lower half of the sample) of all submission times is 23:03.

The average submission time was 22:54 on October 11.
19:01 was the earliest submission and 2:16 (12 Oct) the latest. That means the papers were submitted within a window of seven hours and fifteen minutes.

Out of 26 students, 22 submitted the papers before the deadline (midnight) although one person only missed it by four minutes.
The highest number of submissions was in the time window between 23:30 and 0:00 during which 7 students sent in their paper.

(N.B. We were only provided with the times of submission and not with the names of students who submitted their papers at any given time. In plain English: We don’t know who sent in their paper when. We just know when the papers made their way into the EMMIR-inbox.)




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